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We have proved to be a remarkably versatile firm over our thirty years of operations. While our specialisation is insurance fraud investigations, our expertise makes us ideal for a wide variety of contracts – from asset tracking to undercover assignments. See below for more details.

Insurance Investigations

PSS has been involved in Insurance Fraud Investigations since its inception in 1992, throughout the period of Irish history where these types of claims have reached all-time record proportions. PSS has earned an excellent reputation in the investigation of insurance fraud even in the most difficult of circumstances. We have a network of investigators all around the country that can tease out very quickly the legitimate claimant from the fraudulent one. We have worked for most of the large insurance companies in Ireland and many of our cases get settled or proven in court as a result of the evidence we gather.

What you can expect:

  • Surveillance of the subject, vehicles, or places of interest using static and mobile surveillance techniques.
  • Open-Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT) used to uncover publicly available information
      • Social media
      • Digital file metadata and technical footprinting
      • Geolocation and satellite imagery analysis
      • Public databases, goverment records, publications, etc.
  • Social Engineering used to obtain evidence in challenging surveillance climates.
  • Scene investigations and witness interviews.

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Corporate Investigations

Protocol has had tremendous success with various types of corporate investigation. 

1. Fraud Investigations: Statistics show that white collar crime is on the increase and there is a need for expertise in dealing with it. The threat of fraud to your organisation either internally or externally through employees, criminal opportunists, customers, partners and competitors is a risk to valuable company assets and business reputation.

2. Tracing: These enquiries can be conducted at Headquarters [HQ] on a cost effective basis to determine the current whereabouts of individuals or companies sought in connection with legal or business matters. PSS will execute standard location techniques from HQ when supplied with accurate identifying information. If these standard techniques fail to trace the subject within the scope of the investigation the enquiry can be followed up with field agents on the ground.

3. Absenteeism Investigations: Regular absenteeism or abuse of sick or family leave constitutes a real challenge to many businesses, especially to small or medium enterprises where it can result in serious losses of revenue, backlogs, and reputation damage. These kinds of investigations need to be conducted delicately, with attention to employment law and the due process laid out in the relevant legislation.

4. Asset Searches: PSS can conduct an Asset Search to locate and identify company or individually held assets such as property interests, vehicles, business ownership interests, income sources, and liabilities such as litigation, judgments, bankruptcies. Even hidden assets can be followed up such as off shore holdings and international contacts utilised if required.

5. Undercover Assignments: Placing a confident undercover agent in a strategic position within an organisation can be a tremendous fraud fighting initiative. The agent can report developments and other activities among the work force. Being able to update the client on what’s happening within the work force can aid vital decision making. Protocol Security Services has the experience and capability to infiltrate an agent into your organisation.

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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence solutions are capable of informing difficult business decisions when the stakes are high and making the correct choice is paramount. We offer a number of business intelligence services.

1. Personal Profiling: A business making a critical hiring decision often relies on the first impression that an interview provides. PSS can help clients to look a bit deeper to determine the true substance and worth of a job seeker’s skill
sets and personality, and how the combination of the two will fit in to the organisation.

2. Company Profiling: Before entering into a business relationship with a company it is always wise to know as much as possible about that company, its structure, history and performance. Additionally a company profile can identify
assets and liabilities. Intelligence is vital and PSS can assist in making informed decisions.

3. Desktop Research: Our skilled and experienced researchers can quickly locate relevant information on an entity. The researcher analyses public record information and other subscription-based databases in order to provide summarised data in the form of clearly understood report. This research facility can be very useful to a company as large amounts of data can be trawled skilfully and the relevant information transmitted to the client. It can be cost effective to task this kind of research to an experienced investigator.

4. Background check: PSS can carry out investigations to provide useful information to determine the general character and trustworthiness of an individual. These checks include verification on true identity, residential address, previous employers or income sources. Checks can be conducted in relation to civil and criminal background. These checks are vital in a pre-employment situation particularly where issues are concerned with contractual agreement or company policy.

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Risk Management Consulting

We are acutely aware of the difficulties companies face either through fraud or theft of one kind or another and the need for proactive measures to secure the assets of a company. The integrity of a company also needs protecting externally and internally from theft and fraud, which can be as simple as an employee being continually absent from work and abusing sick leave privileges, to a member of the company selling information or product to a competitor. Theft and fraud can seriously damage a company and if left unchecked will become an increasing drain on company resources. 

PSS can minimise the risk to the company through the implementation of thorough Due Diligence Enquiries. Our experience with security, fraud, theft and risk management will allow any vital risks to your company to be known and managed. This will ensure that everything possible will have been done to prevent an act from happening which might cause a loss to the organisation.

We are keen to meet you and discuss your Risk Management concerns free of charge on a first time consultation basis in order to introduce ourselves and demonstrate our capabilities. 

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Litigation Support

Litigation support is a service that is increasingly in high demand. Our litigation support team assist legal professionals with complex legal proceedings, with a particular focus on gathering relevant evidence. We are skilled at uncovering relevant and important facts, identifying and interviewing key witnesses, providing expert testimony, gathering documentary information, and researching corporate or individual histories to help you pursue the best legal strategies.

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Intellectual Property Investigations

PSS are experienced in dealing with intellectual property violations. Research will ascertain the identification, backgrounds and associations of offenders. Investigations can be followed up by field agents to identify product counterfeiting operations, their methods and sources. A test purchase may be done as part of the IP protection strategy. A test purchase involves purchasing an item from a seller that you suspect is unauthorized or counterfeiting. These kinds of operations provide valuable evidence that can be used – in collaboration with legal counsel – to bring about successful convictions or lawsuit actions.

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